The Creator Plan

100s of Hours of Educational Content + Powerhouse Plugins, All in One Subscription

We are thrilled to announce our new creator plan at Inside Blackbird! This plan gives our subscribers the opportunity to take their music and audio production to the next level with access to KIT Plugins’ digital recreations of Blackbird’s analog equipment. For an additional $9 per month or $90 per year, our subscribers can enhance their creative capabilities with the same gear used by some of the biggest names in the music industry.

With the creator plan, you’ll have access to the best of both worlds: Inside Blackbird’s educational video subscription platform and KIT Plugins’ cutting-edge software. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to bring your audio production to the next level!

Complete access

Get access to KIT Plugins’ complete collection of plugins, encompassing their exceptional renditions of Blackbird Studio’s renowned equipment. The Creator Plan provides unrestricted access to all seven existing plugins, as well as every upcoming Blackbird plugin for the foreseeable future. By choosing the Creator Plan, you not only acquire valuable insights through Inside Blackbird, but also gain access to the tools necessary to apply that knowledge to your own work.

Featured plugins

• The BB A5 Channel Strip is a groundbreaking plugin designed to faithfully model the renowned API Legacy Consoles found in Nashville’s legendary Blackbird Studio B and D.

• The BB N73 is a faithful emulation of the legendary Neve 1073 channel, which has played an integral role in shaping the sound of countless classic records across various genres.

• BB Mo-Q is a plugin modeled after the iconic Motown EQ, known for its use on countless number one hits and important role in music history.

• BB N105 is a channel strip plugin modeled after Blackbird Studio’s iconic and highly modified Neve 8078 console.

• Core Compressor offers the sound of a world-class bespoke compressor with powerful analog tone and diverse tonal shaping packaged in a producer-friendly interface.

• SMASH is a versatile plugin that combines compression and saturation to bring an analog sound to your tracks, perfect for adding vibe and glue or use as an intense parallel processor.

• Core EQ delivers the transparency of a modern digital equalizer with the workflow of a classic analog EQ, providing best-in-class sonics while allowing you to mix quickly and efficiently.

After you purchase the Creator Plan, it may take up to 24 hours to receive your activation. You will receive an email providing you with details on how to claim and activate your plugin subscription. Should you not receive this email within 24 hours of purchasing, please contact and include your name, email and order number so we may quickly assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Creator Plan FAQs

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