Understanding Compression

Embark on a journey with Bryan Clark as he delves into the world of audio compression, exploring its history, techniques, and applications, and uncovering its profound impact on recording in this four-part series. Discover the essential parameters of compression and distinguish between compressors and limiters, while diving into the workings of classic models like the 1176, Neve 33609, and API 2500, unlocking their unique sonic potential and revolutionizing drum sounds. Experience the transformative power of legendary compressors and limiters in action, from the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor that can elevate your mixes with its customizable circuits and low-end preservation to the rhythmic punch of the Distressor on drum buses. Witness how they compare to their plug-in counterparts in this sonic showdown.

4 episodes

Bryan Clark

Bryan Clark

Producer, Engineer, Music Business

Bryan launched his professional career opening for jazz legend Larry Carlton and has since become a multifaceted force in the music industry. A graduate of USC and UT, Bryan’s expertise spans session work, film composition, and production, collaborating with a diverse array of artists and featuring prominently on major networks. Bryan is an in-house producer at Blackbird studio in Nashville, TN and also teaches at the Blackbird Academy in conjunction with University of New Haven, teaching audio production, engineering, and publishing.  Bryan has been on faculty at Belmont University’s School of Music and Vanderbilt University’s Blair School of Music where he taught multiple different subjects and disciplines within the realm of music. With a prolific solo career, teaching roles at prestigious institutions, and contributions to renowned music publications like Premier Guitar, Bryan’s influence resonates across continents, marking him as a solid figure in contemporary music.